Nano CBD vs. CBD?
Nano CBD vs CBD

What’s The Difference Between Nano CBD and Traditional CBD?

All the terminology thrown around with modern holistic medicine can be confusing, especially with CBD.  One of the first terms is “Nano” CBD, but what exactly is the difference and benefits of having Nano CBD vs traditional CBD? Nano is short for nanotechnology, and it is a way to make very small particles out of the CBD isolate. Dr. Anubhav Pratap Singh explains it best; “As the particles get smaller and smaller, the micro particles still behave very similarly to the macro particles…But as we reduce the particles to a few hundred nanometers, some properties of the particles are completely different than the old particles…[for instance], they can pass through gaps that they were unable to [pass through] before. So, we try to take advantage of this in different forms.” (Magner) This amazing technology has been around in the tech world for years and by applying it to food science like Dr. Singh has, it allows CBD isolate to be quickly and more effectively absorbed through the skin.

With this amazing technology, CBD topicals have been revolutionized by allowing salves, lotions, sprays, and oils to quickly and efficiently get the CBD to the inflamed area by applying them directly to the area in need. In as little as 15-30 minutes, the effects can be felt with a loosening of the sore or painful areas, similar to how ibuprofen reduces inflammation, but in an all-natural way. By interacting with our existing endocannabinoid system on a cellular level, Nano CBD can effectively pass through the epidermis more efficiently and provide relief must faster than traditional pain-relieving methods. CBD stimulates the endocannabinoid system and moves the body closer to homeostasis, providing natural pain relief as well as reduced inflammation all over your body.

Nano CBD

To give you an idea as to how small a Nano-meter is; 1-inch equals 25,400,000 Nanometers or (nm). Just think how small that is! The width of the side of a sheet of paper is 100,000 Nanometers. As Dr. Singh explained, you can see the individual particles that make up the world as we know it on this level… By reducing CBD isolate to a Nano level, we are able to see a drastic increase in the benefits that are passed through to the human body quickly and efficiently through our skin. It is important to understand that CBD is not 100% water-soluble, even on the Nano level, and because of this the molecules always want to come together or aggregate. This can cause separation of the CBD molecules and whatever it has been infused with, so don’t be afraid if certain products need to be mixed or rubbed together if they have not been used for an extended period of time.

Nanotechnology and CBD

Overall, the primary benefit of this amazing nanotechnology is that it enables our bodies to absorb 90-100% of the bioavailable Nano molecules, compared to traditional molecular absorption. When you consume something and there is 100mg of available nutrients, the body won’t absorb all 100mg’s of nutrient. Instead, it will get some of those nutrients, but nowhere near 90–100% like you would when comparing nanomolecular absorption. CBD has proven to dramatically help a variety of symptoms, however, Nano CBD, in particular, is designed to allow the full benefits of CBD to be quickly and efficiently absorbed into your skin, without wasting any unnecessary and valuable CBD throughout the process.

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