Is CBD Best?
Is CBD Best?

For many people living a modern lifestyle, spawned from the digital era we live in, it is not uncommon to see an increase in accidental injuries and other consequential conditions. These “office job” injuries are leading to and directly causing chronic and acute joint pains in humans everywhere. There are many organic products available in today that help you manage the variety of pains associated with these types of injuries, including natural pain relief for arthritis. Other commonly used remedies for joint pains are chondroitin, glucosamine, omega-3, NSAIDs, etc… Now a days, CBD (cannabidiol) is often preferred as the best solution for joint pain. Regardless of whether your shoulder is hurting, your ankles or knees are swollen, your back is tight and knotted, or you can no longer make a fist with your hands because after dozens of years of manual labor (yes office work counts!) your arthritis is nearly unbearable without prescribed medication, CBD should more than likely be considered. Conditions that prevent exercise can now be cured, so athletes now have an alternative pain solution and remedy for tennis elbow and many other common problems that usually go untreated, leading to even more chronic ailments down the line.

Cannabidiol is an herbal formula composed of two plant species belonging to Cannabis Sativa L., namely, marijuana and hemp and other related chemicals like THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol). Usually, this product is used in oil formulations for the management of joint pains in the human body. CBD is also available in other forms including balms, tinctures and even capsules. In addition to being a solution for pain, CBD oils are also often used for treating acne and eczema, anxiety, heart disease, cancer, depression, and much more.

According to scientific investigations, there is an endocannabinoid system in the human body containing CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors. CB1 receptors are present in the brain of all individuals and relates with coordination activities including memory, thinking, appetite and overall mood,  while CB2 receptors are usually found in systems dealing with the immunity functions of the human body. It is important to note that these benefits are not only benefitial for human bodies, but CBD benefits for pets and other animals can be equally fantastic. Regardless, it is this involvement of CB2 receptors in the immune system, that helps them perform their activity with full perfection, quickly and usually target specific. In this way CB2 receptors are considered to be more responsible for their ability to reduce inflammation and pain all over the human body. However, there are indirect activities of the CB2 receptor for the management of different body pains. In this way CBD products are very helpful for humans and animals to get relief from unbearable joint and body pains, including many other problems regarding human health and wellness. Some of the important positive effects of CBD products are as follows:


CBD Uses and Benefits

  • For the management of arthritis pains, CBD is providing tremendous results. Topical CBD lotions, balms, oils, and gels are applied to the painful areas of the body, and relieve pain quickly compared to ingested CBD products.
  • CBD is used for the effective relief from muscle sclerosis which is essentially caused by muscle spasms. Constant pain due to these spasms occur in many people, and reports have proven that CBD provides significant pain relief in a short period of time, compared to many alternatives on the market today.
  • Slow spreading or chronic body pains were also shown to be greatly reduced or completely removed with the use of CBD oils. Moreover, CBD reduced inflammation and allowed it to be better managed long-term.
  • Drug ejection and smoking cessations
  • Epilepsy and seizures’ treatment
  • Anxiety ceasing: CBD has been shown to help control anxiety. Young children especially get quick responses for anziety relief from CBD products
  • Alzheimer’s’ symptom reduction
  • Cancer treatment & heart disease
  • Anti-depressive; CBD has been proven to effectively act as an anti-depressant, and has positive results when used to help control depressive conditions.
  • Acne treatment and removal
  • Overall joint pain; Aside from the detailed benefits and uses above, the primary use of CBD products is to manage a variety of joint pains in both humans and other animals.



CBD dosage depends upon a variety of factors, but primarily the level of pain, health problems, and age are most important. Below is the data chart representing dosage in relation to age groups as well as low, medium and high levels of pain. The dark blue vertical columns represent low pain levels, the grey columns show medium pain levels, and the sky blue columns represent the highest levels of pain. The different age categories are also provided below, which are shown with the numbers ranging from 25 to 235.


Methods of using CBD and different formulations:

CBD is a compound extracted from the marijuana plant, which is part of the cannabis family. Most commonly, CBD is used for it’s pain relieving properties. It is most often smoked in it’s natural flower form, but can also be formulated into CBD oils, powders, balms, etc.

Their intake method can also vary. The effects of CBD are different depending on how it is used. With respect to their formulation, they may be taken by mixing with food, directly taken by dropper, rubbed on skin, placed under the tongue, or taken in the form of capsules; and each form offers relief in different ways. Everyone should consult professional physicians before they start using CBD, in order to determine the best intake method for their symtoms as well as the concentration of CBD to start with. It is important to know if you have any allergies to the CBD treatment options, and be aware of any potential side effects ahead of time.

Pains and inflammatory problems:

Joint pains could be the result of a variety of reasons, including age, life quality, working nature, sitting for too long, sleeping in fixed position for long periods, diet quality, road accidents, and much more. These often require serious attention, and unfortunately are ignored due to our busy lifestyles, so we eventually just accept it and work through it. CBD is great at reducing inflamation leading to chronic discomfort. It is a natural solution, and widely thought of as a much better alternative to over the counter prescriptions, and certainly better than ignoring even the minor pains that lead to much bigger issues down the line. For many uncomfortable pains, CBD proved best to get rid of such problems.

Some of the important types of joint pains are:

  • Acute joint pains: these are the short term and sudden happening pains in different body joints like, over exercise, running for long time, lifting heavy weight, rolling of ankle etc. These pains getting accidentally or consciously are treated by using anti-inflammatory products such as ice, creams (topical) or other medication. Such pains can be converted into the chronic pains if left neglected and not treated on time.
  • Chronic joint pains: these are the long term and slow spreading pains in different body parts including joints. These are relatively more severe, serious and painful, affecting the life mobility and quality. In 2015, according to a recorded data about fifteen million types of chronic joint pains were observed.

The commonly observed joint pains are included as gout, fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, sciatica, lupus, disc slip, rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis.


Gout is inflammation caused by an increase of uric acid level in the blood. When this happens, uric acid starts to accumulate in crystal form within the joints, and pain starts along with swelling, redness, soreness, and discomfort. Immunity system is linked with the circulatory system, so the intake of CBD can help relieve the symptoms of gout directly. For this type of relief, CBD is most often ingested, meaning taken in capsule form, as drops under your tongue, or in an edible form within your diet.


Rheumatoid Arthritis is a chronic joint pain condition which not only effects a person’s joints, but also effects other body parts such as eyes, skin, lungs, and even one’s heart! With this condition, joints become warm, tender, and stiffened, in addition to severe swelling taking place. Moreover, loss of appetite and fever often occurs, followed by the possibility of your joints becoming deformed. CBD oil can be applied directly onto your skin for more immediate relief, while it can also be added into your diet for a more consistent form of ongoing relief as well. CBD supplements for Rheumatoid Arthritis may also include balms and lotions, or may include additional forms of natural pain relieving supplements, but each can work great so it just depends on what you are looking for.


Lupis occurs when our body’s defense system starts to attack the body tissue and cause inflammatory reactions. These reactions can be efficiently treated with CBD, which directly helps remedy and relieve the symptoms. In addition to joints, other body parts including a person’s kidney, skin, heart, blood cells, and even brain can get require relief.

Similarly, disc slip, sciatica, spinal stenosis and other regarding issues can successfully be cured by using CBD based formulations.

Rather than humans, CBD was also found to be beneficial in animals. According to Dr. Liza, it is health effective for cats to be treated with CBD, but most people feel hesitate to give their pets CBD due to the unavailability of documented proof, as there is no research-based evidence as of yet. For animals and pets, CBD can easily be given in capsule form, as a mouth spray, or mixed into their food on a regular bases. The preferred CBD method for pets tends to be by mixing some into their food, and CBD concentrates with eye droppers are usually easiest for dosing.

With the passing of time, everything will continue to improve in every field. Athletes in particular, really need some precautionary measures and natural remedies in order to continue performing at peak levels. Athlete’s primarily use CBD as a way to relieve inflammation, but it can also be good for speeding up recovery, as well as to relieve sudden physical disorders that may occur such as cramps and muscle spasms. Depending on the level of competition, this may be important so they can maintain their performance and continue moving on if need be. Before CBD become readily available, athletes and other chronic users were forced to either smoke or use other forms of cannabis so they could get the same results. Now, we can provide the benefits that CBD shows our bodies, without any of the THC in the process. Nowadays CBD oils and other formulations are easy to find and use, and are being added into protein shakes for athletes all over the world.

A study was conducted in 2017 by Dragos and his colleagues. The main focus of the study was to find a solution for joint problems through the use of plant extracts. According to them pain killers and other conventional methods have not proven effective if we consider their long term effects. But the active compounds in CBD have actually given the best results if taken according to the recommendations of experienced professionals.

Despite countless uses for CBD already, as nearly a common everyday product at this point in time, a documentation gap still lingers as well as some legislative issues that confuse the general public in masses. It can be difficult to decide or determine your preference of CBD products for what you need it for, specifically, and can be even more difficult if you do not consult a trusted professional ahead of time as well.

What is CBD oil? Is CBD the best natural medicine for me? Is CBD good for my sore neck? Is CBD good for back pain? Can CBD prevent seizures? Can CBD improve my athletic performance? What CBD products are best to reduce inflammation? The list can go on and on, and you should always get your answers before getting your CBD, or any product for that matter. There are many issues similar to joint pain that can be greatly relieved, and many other problems which tend to simply go untreated due to the unavailability of a suitable cure, according to those affected. Why wait!? CBD products are generally a safe and natural option, and will soon be the leading healthy alternative to relieve your symptoms. Consult with your physician, and order your favorite FroggieCBD products today.

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