CBD and Pets

One of the most popular and trendy uses for CBD comes from the use of CBD tinctures for pets. Now, you may be thinking that we have gone too far, as humans have barely begun taking CBD for health benefits and now we want to give it to your pet!? Well of course! Just like humans, most of our pets, with the exception of reptiles, have endocannabinoid systems just like you and I.

The benefits of CBD For Pets

We have discussed in previous blogs the benefits of activating this system and the health benefits it has on aches, pains, inflammation, and a variety of other ailments we deal with on a daily basis. Our pets age in the same way, they too will develop aches, pains, inflammation, as well as other ailments that even we do not experience. So, it is essential to start your pet on a CBD regimen as soon as possible if you want them to achieve the maximum benefits of CBD, especially for the life extension properties associated with reduced inflammation. More and more research has been published linking inflammation in the body to aging, as well as research linking CBD directly to the reduction of it, and your pets are no different.

CBD For Pets Application

CBD Tinctures for Pets

One of the easiest ways to introduce CBD into your daily routine, as well as your pet’s daily routine, is the use of our CBD tinctures. I personally do this twice daily for myself, and once daily for my dachshund Mr. Calvin Harris, as part of an overall internal health and well-being routine. I use a variation of the Froggie CBD product line, as their tinctures utilize CBD isolate infused into MCT oil, also known as super refined coconut oil, which makes them perfect to mix into any beverage or drip onto food for your pet. Most dogs and cats love the extra sweet treat of the MCT oil on their daily breakfast or dinner, and little do they know it is full of benefits for them which will help in their daily lives. From reliving their back and joint pain for physical ailments to the anti-anxiety and calming effects that CBD provides to the nervous system, these tinctures can provide a broad spectrum of benefits.

The anti-anxiety effects of CBD are one of the most intriguing and important benefits that are currently being treated with liquid tinctures like the ones we give to our pets. By getting the CBD into our system internally, as opposed to externally, it allows the body to use it for more neurological ailments as well as nerve-related pain. The National Center for Biological Information or NCBI has released medical papers linking the use of cannabidiol to a reduction in anxiety induced by simulated public speaking (Bergamaschi). As their research points out even with traditional treatments only 30% of patients suffering from anxiety achieve true recovery or remission it is obvious more treatments are needed if what science currently offers is having such limited success.

What Pet Health Problems Can CBD Oil Treat?

This is where CBD comes in! It has shown in human and animal studies to reduce anxiety, while using THC can increase anxiety, even in animals. By isolating the specific cannabinoid that offers these anti-anxiety benefits, we are able to maximize the therapeutic benefits of CBD.  Throughout the vast amount of research completed, including both human and animal studies, the benefits in relation to anti-anxiety has been more than proven. If you would like a more scientific explanation of how this process works, and how it was verified through a variety of different lab experiments, check out this article from the NCBI, which posts actual scientific reports for public access.

Another positive benefit of CBD for pets is the anti-cancer properties that have been shown in numerous studies to reduce tumor size as well as halt the growth of cancer cells. In these described by Sindiswa Lukhele. it was shown that cannabidiol rather than Cannabis sativa crude extracts prevent cell growth and induce cell death in cervical cancer cell lines. The research was done on human cervical cancer cells however cancer cells no matter human or your pets are all the same and by preventing the growth of already existing cells and killing some cancer cells this is a game-changer in cancer treatment. While more research needs to be done these experiments are important indicators of the benefits of CBD treatments associated with fighting cancer cells and by providing your pet CBD early in their life it will help keep these cells from forming.

This is the beginning of these amazing advancements on preventative and therapeutic treatments for animals and by researching the effects CBD has on our pets it will give us insight into the benefits of daily use for preventative care.

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